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Original Papers

  • “Two-neutron halo structure of 31F and a novel pairing antihalo effect”

    H. Masui, W. Horiuchi, and M. Kimura,
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  • “Swelling of Doubly Magic 48Ca Core in Ca Isotopes beyond N = 28”

    M. Tanaka, …, W. Horiuchi (23/70) et al.,
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  • “Exploring the possibility of two-neutron halo formation in the ground-state of 29F within a three- body model”

    J. Singh, J. Casal, W. Horiuchi, L. Fortunato, and A. Vitturi,
    Phys. Rev. C 101, 024310 (2020).


Original Papers

  • “Variety of clustering in 18O”

    T. Baba and M. Kimura,
    Phys. Rev. C99, 064311 (2019).

  • “Activation cross sections of dysprosium-157,159 and terbium-160 radioisotopes from the deuteron-induced reactions on terbium-159 up to 24 MeV”

    D. Ichinkhorloo, M. Aikawa, Ts. Zolbadral, Y. Komori and H. Haba,
    NIM/B 461, 102 (2019).

  • “Energy dependence of total reaction cross sections for 17Ne on a proton target”

    T. Moriguchi, M. Amano, A. Ozawa, W. Horiuchi et al.,
    Nucl. Phys. A 994, 121663 (2020).

  • “Quantitative description of the 20Ne (p, pα) 16O reaction as a means of probing the surface α amplitude”

    K. Yoshida, Y. Chiba, M. Kimura, Y. Taniguchi, Y. Kanada-En’yo and K. Ogata,
    Phys. Rev. C100, 044601 (2019)

  • “Emergence of nuclear clustering in electric-dipole excitations of 6Li”

    S. Satsuka and W. Horiuchi,
    Phys. Rev. C 100, 024334 (2019).

  • “Investigation of isospin-triplet and isospin-singlet pairing in the A=10 nuclei 10B,10Be, and 10C with an extension of the Tohsaki-Horiuchi-Schuck-Röpke wave function”

    Q. Zhao, Z. Ren, M. Lyu, H. Horiuchi, Y. Kanada-En’yo, Y. Funaki, G. Röpke et al,
    Phys. Rev. C100, 014306 (2019).

  • “Real-time evolution method and its application to the 3α cluster system”

    R. Imai, T. Tada and M. Kimura,
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  • “Two-Neutron Correlations in a Borromean 20C + n + n System: Sensitivity of Unbound Subsystems”

    J. Singh, W. Horiuchi, L. Fortunato, and A. Vitturi,
    Few-Body Syst. 60: 50 (2019).

  • “Nonlocalized motion in a two-dimensional container of α particles in 3- and 4- states of 12C”

    B. Zhou, Y. Funaki, H. Horiuchi, M. Kimura, Z. Ren, G. Röpke, P. Schuck et al.,
    Phys. Rev. C99, 051303 (2019).

  • “Contact representation of short-range correlation in light nuclei studied by the high-momentum antisymmetrized molecular dynamics”

    Q. Zhao, M. Lyu, Z. Ren, T. Myo, H. Toki, K. Ikeda, H. Horiuchi, M. Isaka, and T. Yamada,
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  • “Microscopic global optical potential for nucleon-nucleus systems in the energy range 50-400 MeV”

    T. Furumoto, K. Tsubakihara, S. Ebata, and W. Horiuchi,
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  • “Structure of 31Mg: Shape coexistence revealed by β−γ spectroscopy with spin-polarized 31Na”

    H. Nishibata, S. Kanaya, T. Shimoda, A. Odahara, S. Morimoto, A. Yagi et al.,
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  • “Coulomb shift in the mirror pair of 14C and14O as a signature of the linear-chain structure”

    T. Baba and M. Kimura
    Phys. Rev. C 99, 021303(R) (2019).

  • “Complete Glauber calculations for proton-nucleus inelastic cross sections”

    S. Hatakeyama and W. Horiuchi
    Nucl. Phys. A 985, 20-37 (2019).

  • “Low-lying dipole strengths for probable p-wave one-neutron halos in the medium mass region”

    Manju, Jagjit Singh, Shubhchintak and R. Chatterjee
    Eur. Phys. J. A, 55 1 (2019) 5.

  • “Neutron skin and signature of the N = 14 shell gap found from measured proton radii of 17−22N”

    S. Bagchi, R. Kanungo, W. Horiuchi et al.
    Phys. Lett. B 790, 251-256 (2019).


  • “Measurement of proton-distribution radii of neutron-rich nitrogen isotopes”

    S. Bagchi, R. Kanungo, W. Horiuchi, G. Hagen, T. D. Morris, S. R. Stroberg et al.,
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  • “The structure of Ξ hypernuclei”

    T. Tada, M. Kimura and M. Isaka,
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  • “N=28近傍の中性子過剰核における三軸非対称変形”

    原子核研究,Vol.63 Supplement 1, February 2019, 74-75.

  • “実時間発展法によるHoyle状態と4αクラスター状態の記述”

    原子核研究,Vol.63 Supplement 1, February 2019, 70-71.

  • “エキゾチック原子様三体系における三体相関”

    原子核研究,Vol.63 Supplement 1, February 2019, 54-55.

  • “6Liの電気双極子励起におけるαクラスターの役割”

    原子核研究,Vol.63 Supplement 1, February 2019, 52-53.

  • “Kaonic deuterium from realistic antikaon-nucleon interaction”

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