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“Two-neutron halo structure of 31F and a novel pairing antihalo effect”

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“Swelling of Doubly Magic 48Ca Core in Ca Isotopes beyond N = 28”

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“Exploring the possibility of two-neutron halo formation in the ground-state of 29F within a three- body model”

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“Variety of clustering in 18O”

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“Activation cross sections of dysprosium-157,159 and terbium-160 radioisotopes from the deuteron-induced reactions on terbium-159 up to 24 MeV”

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“Energy dependence of total reaction cross sections for 17Ne on a proton target”

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“Quantitative description of the 20Ne (p, pα) 16O reaction as a means of probing the surface α amplitude”

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“Emergence of nuclear clustering in electric-dipole excitations of 6Li”

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“Investigation of isospin-triplet and isospin-singlet pairing in the A=10 nuclei 10B,10Be, and 10C with an extension of the Tohsaki-Horiuchi-Schuck-Röpke wave function”

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“Real-time evolution method and its application to the 3α cluster system”

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